That's Clever - Both Segments

Part 1: Copper Mesh Plique a Jour Lampshades

Part 2: 'Drop-Cast' Splatter Bowl

That's Clever Episode, Take 1

OK, so the video is not the greatest. Still working on a better video stream to post, and that'll go up when we work on it more. It's a bit choppy and the audio is off a bit. Thanks to my cousin Shanna and her friend Traci who were on top of things and Tivo'ed the episode and transferred it to DVD!!! Thanks guys!

Here's segment one where I make mesh plique a jour lightshades. Hope you enjoy!

HGTV Episode FINALLY Airs!!!!!

Finally! The long-awaited 'That's Clever' episode on HGTV aired today!!!! Yay!!!

Of course, I MISSED IT!!!!!! I had no idea it would air today - actually, I was under the impression that they would not air it at all. I filmed this episode over two years ago, and I was about 7 months pregnant with Tula (and HGTV has/had a policy that pregnant women could not be featured on their programs).

Apparently, it did air today (Jan. 6, 2009) at 8 am. I'll have my husband track down a stream of it soon and post it to my website. Until then, I'll find out when it's supposed to repeat and let everyone know. Of course, a screening party is in order... :-)

Here's the link to the show page...

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